The Hemsby Parish Council helps to maintain and coordinate the maintenance of a number of facilities in and around the village of Hemsby.  Should you find a problem that you think requires attention, there are many ways you can pass this information on.

It could be an overflowing sewer or a fallen branch on the highway, perhaps a health and safety issue or just a street light that doesn't work.  If you know a Parish Councillor in the village, they will be pleased to advise you and pass on your concerns.  If you wish to contact the Hemsby Parish Council, you should address your message to the Chairman and deliver any such correspondence via the Parish Clerk.

How to get in touch

See the separate Contact Page for numbers and addresses    -    CLICK HERE

Problem Report Form

Select the items that apply, and then let us know how to contact you.

If possible please include an exact address of the problem or in the case of a street lamp, the number on the post.

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