Copies of the Hemsby Parish Council Minutes can be found here

This page contains links to Electronic Copies ( in ADOBE Acrobat .pdf Format ) of various forms of the Hemsby Parish Council ( HPC ) MINUTES.  These are produced after each meeting and approved at the following meeting.  After approval by Councillors, they are then uploaded to this website.

Over time, the  HPC policy on the preparation and issuing of minutes has changed several times.  Early documents will be in a summary form as published elsewhere, such as in the Hemsby Parish Magazine.  This accounts for much of the variation in format and frequency of publication.  However, a hardcopy can always be examined by arrangement with the Hemsby Parish Clerk.

Depending upon your computer setup, you can probably view these online, just by left mouse-clicking on the link corresponding to the issue you seek.  You should also be able to print a copy locally on your printer if you wish.

If you right mouse click on a hyperlink, you may see an option to Save or Download a copy of the .pdf file to your computer to view offline.

Alternatively, you may have a tablet device that can read such documents, e.g. an iPad.  Once opened in your browser, if you click on the 'Open in iBooks' button on an iPad, you will find options to file the document for later reading.

In any case, if you would like to look through the list below, you should find the most recent minutes issued and any previous copies you may be interested in :-

Hemsby Parish Council Minutes

2007 2008 2009 2010 2011 2012 2013 2014 2015
2007-Apr-17 2008-Jan-21 2009-Jan-19 2010-Jan-18 2011-Jan-17 2012-Jan-16 2013-Jan-28    
2007-May-21 2008-Mar-03 2009-Feb-16 2010-Feb-22 2011-Feb-21 2012-Feb-20 2013-Feb-18    
2007-Jun-19 2008-Mar-17 2009-Mar-16 2010-Mar-15 2011-Mar-21 2012-Mar-19 2013-Mar-18    
2007-Jul-17 2008-Apr-21 2009-Apr-21 2010-Apr-19 2011-Apr-18 2012-Apr-02 2013-Apr-15    
2007-Sep-17 2008-Jun-16 2009-May-18 2010-May-17 2011-May-19 2012-Apr-16      
2007-Oct- 2008-Jul-21 2009-Jun-15 2010-Jun-21 2011-Jun-20 2012-Apr-26      
2007-Nov-19 2008-Sep-21 2009-Jul-20 2010-Jul-19 2011-Jul-18 2012-May-21     2015-Jul-20
2007-Dec-17 2008-Nov-17 2009-Sep-21 2010-Sep-20 2011-Sep-05 2012-Jun-18      
  2008-Dec-15 2009-Oct-19 2010-Nov-15 2011-Oct-17 2012-Jul-16      
    2009-Nov-16 2010-Dec-20 2011-Nov-21 2012-Sep-17      
    2009-Dec-16   2011-Dec-12 2012-Oct-15      

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